Each organization has distinctly different missions but their work is very important in the community. The smallest amount of financial support will make an insurmountable difference.

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Building Better Men

The Building Better Men Program is a support system that is used to help young men between the ages of 6-17 develop the skills needed to take charge of their lives. Many of our young men live in single-parent homes without their fathers and may not know them at all, because of this fact many exhibit negative behaviors due to the lack of role models, and positive male influences(s) in their lives. It is imperative that we as a society are sensitive and proactive at acknowledging this need. The Building Better Men Program has school, community, and faith-based programs that are formulated to help young males understand that they are worthy of success, and will become contributors to society.

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Purposeful YOUth

Purposeful YOUth Detroit seeks to empower, educate and inspire youth to identify their purpose and develop into productive and audacious leaders of the national and global community. We envision raising up a group of youth who defy expectations of society. We envision youth who understand that walking with dignity, self confidence and purpose far outweigh the trend of existing in over-sexualized, violent and reckless behavior that plagues society's youth. We envision influencing young girls to become positive trendsetters and trailblazers. We envision developing youth to believe in the power of their words and actions and to create goals for success and follow steps to achieve them. We envision children who see the beauty in being children.


Beneficiary testimony

"Thank you to Cool Smart and this Tux & Chucks event to receive a check to further our mission for helping the city of Detroit and its families. It was also nice to put on some cool chucks sneakers on too and have a good time "

Jason Wilson – The Yunion